Show Times & Call Times 4/5 & 4/6:

Friday, April 5th (Show # 1, CAST A)

Dancer call time: 5:00pm

Theater opens: 5:30pm

Show starts: 6:00pm

Pick Up Time For Dancers Using Pick Up Via Service Yard Tunnel:   9:00pm-9:15pm

Saturday April 6th (Show # 2, CAST 1) 

Dancer call time: 10:00am

Theater opens: 10:30am

Show starts: 11:00am

Pick Up Time For Dancers Using Circle Drive:   2:00pm - 2:15pm

Saturday April 6th (Show # 3, CAST A

Dancer call time: 2:15pm

Theater opens: 2:30pm

Show starts: 3:00pm

Pick Up Time For Dancers Using Circle Drive:   6:00pm - 6:15pm

Saturday April 6th (Show # 4, CAST 1) 

Dancer call time: 6:15pm

Theater opens: 6:30pm

Show starts: 7:00pm

Pick Up Time For Dancers Using Pick Up Via Service Yard Tunnel:   10:00pm - 10:15pm

Dancer Pick Up & Drop Off 4/5 & 4/6:

If you are attending the show, please park in the Palmer Events Center Garage or the One Texas Center Parking Garage (details listed below) and walk into the theater with your dancer at their call time.  

Lobby concessions will open at call time. 

The theater will open 30 minutes prior to show start. 

If you are not attending the show the pick up and drop off instructions are as follows:

All of our show pick ups and drop offs will be done from the Long Center Circle Drive with the exception of the Friday 6pm show and the Saturday 7pm show. Both of those shows require a special pick up destination.

Please note: THIS ATTACHED PICK UP PLAN ONLY APPLIES to dancers who will be getting picked up from the late shows on Friday and Saturday night. Dancers who will be leaving the theater with a parent/carpool/cousin/grandparent/friend, will be dismissed from the Rollins Lobby. 

Dancer Meal Breaks 4/5 & 4/6:


For our Friday night show, all dancers in Cast A will need to pack a meal with them that they bring at their arrival time. 

On Friday, each group will have time during the show for their packed dinner. 


On Saturday, all dancers should arrive having eaten a great breakfast. 

COMPANY DANCERS: Company dancers should pack a lunch to eat between the first and second show and a dinner to eat between the second and third shows. 

NON COMPANY DANCERS FROM CAST 1: Should leave the theater between their first show and second show. There will not be meal breaks during the 11am and 7pm shows.  

NON COMPANY DANCERS FROM CAST A: Should eat prior to arriving to the 3pm show. There will not be a meal break during the 3pm show. 

Please note: Due to Long Center's contract with event caterers, we are not allowed to enter the Rollins theater with any sort of chick-a-filet party tray or Thundercloud group order, or door dashed food, and we are not allowed to have parents dropping off food for dancers backstage. 

We have special permission for the dancers to PACK their meals on Friday and Saturday. 

Show Runtime:

"Journey to Neverland" is presented in 3 acts with a run time of 2 hours and 37 minutes, including 2 intermissions. 

Late Seating Policy 

The theater will open 30 minutes prior to each show. Doors will close when the show starts. Late-arrivals will need to wait until the first intermission to enter the theater. Video monitors are available in the lobby until an appropriate pause allowing for seating occurs.


As a courtesy to the dancers, photography and video recording will not be allowed inside the theater during our shows.  Our Saturday 3:00pm and 7:00pm shows will be professionally recorded for each family to share and download. 

Please note: Parent volunteers will be allowed to take photos and videos during our Wednesday and Thursday dress rehearsal events! 

Parking at the Long Center

The Long Center’s primary parking structure is the Palmer Events Center Garage, located east of the Long Center.

Please note: After 1pm on Saturday, road closures may effect the entrance on the Long Center Side. Use the Palmer Events Center entrance to park. 

Overflow parking is located at the One Texas Center Parking Garage, located at 505 Barton Springs Road.

ADA Accessibility

The Palmer Events Center garage has 24 accessible parking spaces located closest to the elevators on each level.

Theater Guidelines

Please be courteous of other guests enjoying the performance.

Dancers Costumes / Hair / Makeup 

Though we strive to have an overall polished look when it comes to choreography, costumes and hairstyles for our shows, we don't require any dancers to wear stage make up. 

It is an option that is open to them if it makes them feel special for the show. But some dancers don't like the feeling of make-up and that's ok. It is never required. 

Do what feels best for you and your dancer. 


Lost Boys Costume (Customized)

Lost Boys Hairdo (Their own!)

Lost Boys Makeup (Smudges of dirt) 


Pirate Costume 

Tan Tights 

Low Ponytail with black hair tie

Stage Makeup can be worn 


Crocs Costume

Tan Tights

2 High Buns "Space Buns" on top of head

Stage Makeup can be worn


Fairy Costume 

High Donut Bun 

Sparkle hairspray!

Sparkle makeup & stage makeup can be worn


Mermaids/Shadows - Refer to the group text outline sent by Zia


Refer to the group text outline sent by Lillian


Green Costume

Tan Tights 

Tan Jazz Shoes 


Stage Makeup can be worn


Silver Costume

Tan Tights

Tan Jazz Shoes

Hair in low ponytail with star clip on right side 

Stage Makeup can be worn


Brown Costume

Tan Tights

Tan Jazz Shoes

Hair in any style: braid, low ponytail, two braids, high bun, low bun... each Lost Girl can select her warrior-like style. Be sure hair is pulled back from face, and be sure that it works with the gold head piece. 

Gold headband bobby pinned in place

Stage Makeup can be worn


Pirate Costume

Tan Tights

Tan Jazz Shoes

Hair In Low Ponytail 

Stage Makeup can be worn

Inclement Weather Policy

OADC will perform all events as scheduled, rain or shine.  You can also find updates on our website or by following us on our Instagram for updates.