Spring Show 2024

Journey To Neverland

Choreography, Concept and Direction by : 

Kerin Martinez and Ryan Miller

Guest Choreography by : 

Samuel Simpson, Elizabeth McGriff, Eugene Peabody, Shelley Scott, Sara Arnold, and Carson Duncan

Prop design and construction by : 

Ryan Gallimore

Custom costume & Crocodile tails by

Ann Martinez


Ryan Gallimore, Sam Simpson (Friday & Saturday)

Smith Bohls, Catherine Haikola, Tatum Cummings (Friday)

With a big thank you to all of our amazing dance parent volunteers.

A special thank you to the Long Center staff. 


Peter Pan :  Clementine McGehee

Tinkerbell : Hattie Bullock

Captain Hook : Marlowe Walsh

Wendy Darling : Lila Bajwa

John Darling : Slater Dalton

Michael Darling &  Mr Smee : Anna Jane Frost

Nana the Dog :  Sophia Ghangurde

Peter’s Shadow : Linnea Buxton 

First Star On The Right  : Sidney Brennig

Second Star On The Right  : Zia Carson

With Special Guests Logan Terrell and Merrilee McGehee as Mr & Mrs Darling

The Buccaneers :  Lauren Brewer, Carson Duncan, Avery Johl, Lillian Robb 

The Neverland Shadows & Mermaids of Mermaid Lagoon :  Sydney Brennig, Zia Carson, Georgia Dempsey, Samantha Lavine, Elle Niles, Leighton Scarbrough, Landon Thigpen

The Fairies of Pixie Hollow :  Circe Blunt, Sawyer Duncan, Sophia Ghangurde, Lucy Hensley, Edith Holland, Lucille Norwood, Isabella Nossa, Molly Price, Kate Strama, Allie Stromberg, Hannah Stuhr, Sophie Thweatt, Dorothy Windler 

Crocodiles : Merritt Brewer, Linnea Buxton, Violet Crenshaw, Greta Ford, Hannah Greenfield, Danielle Larson, Margaret Mabry, Anna Quy, Beau Smith, Amelie Strama

Young Pirates : Sabine Cook, Maialen DeKinder, Shiri Fein, Leah Grossman, Ellarose Haga, Lennon Johnson, Pollyanna Kauffman, Claire McCarthy, Olive Meiners, Sevi Miller, Olivia Peschel, Quinn Sareli, Rosie Way

The Lost Boys : Emily Brown, Parker Catlett, Posey Copland, Collins Dart, Mila Dorobek, Clara Goldman, Monroe Meiners, Siena Polonski, Merrill Quy, Violet Shepherd, Adeline Smith, Olive Thon 

Pirates: *Lulu Bressan, *Clara Darnell, *Lily Darnell, *Mabry Peters, *Kate Strama, *Daylin Switzer, *Ellie Thornson, *Camilla Wong, **Hattie Bullock, **Harper Glass, **Dalaney Lavelle, *Clementine Lewis, **Mabry Peters, **Annabelle Shook, **Landon Thigpen, **Olivia Watson, **Camilla Wong

Lost Girls:  *Elleanor Arnaoutakis, *Circe Blunt, *Maura Collier, *Leah Grossman, *Lucy Hensley, *Scarlett Mayberry, *Cleo Perakos, *Shepperd Pfiester, *Vivienne Stokola, *Kate Strama, **Stella Bjorendahl, **Merritt Brewer, **Rose Clifton, **Violet Crenshaw, **Willa Davis, **Maialen DeKinder, **Claire Detrick, **Lennon Johnson, **Evelyn Joyner, **Poppy Nellans, **Charlotte Noll, **Beau Smith, **Margot Stasica, **Locy Troiano

Stars:  *Grace Anderson, *Reese Atwater, *Scarlett Fisk, *Fig Heatherington, *Mary Elizabeth Jones, *Marilyn Kalb, *Harte McGuire, *Winslet McGuire, *Calder McNelis, *Sutton McNelis, *Evie O-Donnell, *Coco Rainwaters, *Leighton Robertson, ** Marion Banaszak, **Annie Berns, **Arden Buckler, **Lucy Cook, **Paige Dalton, **Amelia Delic, **Paige Jordan, ** Stella Joyo, **Josie Skaggs, **Mary Barrett Stevens, **Tess Van Haselen, **Zelda Yarnell

Neverland Fairies :  *Brinker Burgess, *Lake Dubois, *Aiden Kawasaki, *Maggie Stuhr, **Gemma Abitbol, **Etta Barnard, **Matilda Cripps, **Sunny Kauffman, **Tillie Smith, **Rosie Thon, **Mila Whitehall

* (Friday night and Saturday Matinee performances)

** (Saturday morning and Saturday evening performances)


A long time ago… In London

"Welcome To The Black Parade"  - Peter Pan (Clementine McGehee)

“Prologue” - Tinkerbell, Fairies of Pixie Hollow and Neverland Fairies, 

"Fly to your heart" - Neverland Fairies

Many years later… In Neverland

"The Life Of A Pirate" - Captain Hook, Buccaneers, Pirates, and Young Pirates

"Following The Leader" - Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Lost Boys

"Fear" - Crocodiles 

ACT 1:

Just Outside the Darling Home

“Second Star To The Right” - Nana The Dog, Stars, Wendy, John, and Michael

In the Nursery

"Wendy Tells A Story" - Wendy (Lila Bajwa) 

"Peter’s Shadow" - Peter’s Shadow (Linnea Buxton)

"Step In Time" - Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael

"Hands Clap" - Tinkerbell (Hattie Bullock) 

"Come Fly With Me" - Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, Michael, and Neverland Shadows

Second Star To The Right, and Straight On Til Morning

"Learning To Fly"  - John (Slater Dalton)

“Sky Full Of Stars” -  John and the Stars 

Meanwhile, Outside the Darling Home

"This Town" - Nana The Dog (Sophia Ghangurde)


Welcome to Mermaid Lagoon

“Ariel’s Song” - Lost Girls

"Carribean Blue" - Mermaids

"Coral Under Sea" - Mermaid Solo (Leighton Scarbrough)

"Ocean Eyes" - Mermaid Solo (Elle Niles)

"Waves"  - Mermaid Solo (Landon Thigpen)

“Look What You Made Me Do” - Tinkerbell and Mermaid Duo (Hattie Bullock, Georgia Dempsey, Samantha Levine)

Tink Gets Banished.. And Becomes a Pirate!

"Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me" - Young Pirate Duet (Sabine Cook and Lennon Johnson)

“We all lift together” - Buccaneer Solo (Lauren Brewer)

"Jig"  - Young Pirates 

"Terrible Things" - Buccaneers

"Across The Sea" - Young Pirate Trio (Shiri Fein, Leah Grossmand, and Sevi Miller)

Lost Boy Hideout

"Lost Boy" - Lost Boys

*"Walrus & Carpenter" - Lost Girls CAST A

** "Zero to Hero"- Lost Girls CAST 1

Meanwhile… The Pirates..

"Around The World" - Young Pirate Trio (Pollyanna Kauffman and Olive Meiners)

"Burnin' Down The House" - Pirates, Tinkerbell, Hook, Smee, and Lost Boys

Tick Tock Saves the Day, and Tinkerbell Runs Away! 

“One Way Or Another” - Crocodile Trio (Merritt Brewer, Danielle Larson, and Margaret Mabry)

"Rock Around The Clock" - Crocodile Solo (Amelie Strama)

"Food, Glorious Food" - Crocodile Duet (Greta Ford and Amelie Strama) and Crocodiles

"Clocks” - Crocodile Solo (Greta Ford)

“Chronomentrophobia” - Hook Solo (Marlowe Walsh) 


Presented Without Explanation 

"Sugar Plum" - Fairy Trio (Circe Blunt, Molly Price, and Allie Stromberg)

Welcome To Pixie Hollow, Tinkerbell! 

"Pure Imagination" - Fairies of Pixie Hollow

"Waterflow" - Fairy Duet (Hattie Bullock and Sophia Ghangurde)

“Chiquitita” - Fairy Solo (Carson Duncan)

"Grow" - Fairy Solo (Isa Nossa)

“Forrest Queen” - Fairy Solo (Kate Strama)

"Fairy Variation" - Fairy Solo (Allie Stromberg)

"Safari Disco Club" - Fairy Duet (Lucy Hensley and Kate Strama)

Peter And Wendy Arrive to Pixie Hollow To Bring Tink Home

"Human Behavior" - Fairy Solo (Circe Blunt)

"Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: Fairy Fountain" - Fairies of Pixie Hollow

Hook vs. Pan… The Battle! 

“I’m Tired” - Buccaneer Duet (Lillian Robb and Avery Johl)

"Abandon Ship" - Mr Smee (Anna Jane Frost) 

"What's My Name" - Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael,  Buccaneers, Neverland Shadows, Fairies of Pixie Hollow, Crocodiles, and Young Pirates

“Bootstrap’s Bootstraps” - Hook, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Pirates, Lost Girls, Young Pirates, and Lost Boys, 

“How Does It Feel”- Hook and Peter Pan (Marlowe Walsh and Clementine Mcgehee)

"4 minutes" - Crocodile Trio (Linnea Buxton, Violet Crenshaw, and Anna Quy)

“Sail Away”  - Hook, Smee, Buccaneers, Young Pirates, Pirates, Crocodiles, Lost Boys, Fairies of Pixie Hollow

“The Pirate’s Life is NOT for me!” - Young Pirate Solo (Ellarose Haga) 

 "We Don't Want To Grow Up" - Lost Boys

Time To Fly

“Let’s Go Home!” - Stars 

Meanwhile, Back in London

“Never Can Tell” - Mr & Mrs Darling, and Party Guests

Time to Grow Up

“Reconte-Moi Une Histoire:  (Tell Me A Story)” - Peter Pan, John, Michael, Buccaneers, Neverland Shadows, Fairies of Pixie Hollow

Final Bow