Open Air 



Founded on the idea of a balanced training schedule for growing dancers.

Offering a high level of dance training and exciting performance opportunities

Opting IN to performance experience, audience applause, and individual artistry and opting OUT of Dance Competitions. 

The OADC mission is to cultivate a team atmosphere where dancers can thrive in both a group and individual setting while maintaining a balanced life, positive body image, and high self-esteem during these key years in their lives. 

The Open Air Dance Company Program is a boutique dance training experience under the direction of Kerin Martinez & Ryan Miller, featuring a rotating professional guest faculty. 


San Antonio Spurs Game Performance at AT&T Center in San Antonio!

October 2021, November 2022, April 2023 & March 2024

Soul De Soul Dance Convention and Showcase!

November 2022

Dance The Magic Merry Holiday Parade in Disneyland, California!

December 2022

Grand Opening Ceremony for Austin's Trail of Lights! 

December 2022 & 

December 2023 

Company Showcase!

February 2023 

& December 2023

Spring Show!

April 2023 -  "The Land Of Oz"

Dance The Magic Happy Haunting Parade in Disneyland, California!

September 2023

What age range is the Company program for? 

Open Air Dance Company is a performance company for dancers in the 2nd to 10th grade!

What makes Open Air Dance Company Different? 

We are Austin's only non-competitive dance team. 

At Open Air Dance Company, we understand that our dancers have activities and obligations outside of the studio and support them in their endeavors. Diverse experiences, talents, exposure, artistry & athleticism are welcome and encouraged!

Cross-training and rest days create stronger dancers and healthier muscles, joints, and tendons. 

Our schedule and weekly time commitment reinforces this belief.  

Our 2023 - 2024 season runs from September to April with our recital held in April.  

We believe in attending camps, travel, family priorities, and scholastic focus at the busiest times of the year. 

Is Open Air Dance Company a Competitive Company? 

Open Air Dance Company is not a competitive company

Our primary focus is education, versatility, performance, and exposure to dance. 

A non-competitive company saves time and money and allows us the freedom to focus more time expanding skill set, strength, and experience.  Dancers will have more chances to pick up choreography quickly, and build artistry, confidence on stage, and gain self-esteem. 

For dancers who wish to take part in the optional solo, duet,  & trio opportunities:

Solos, duets and trios will perform in the Company Showcase and the Spring Show as well as non-competitve conventions providing constructive feedback by a panel of dance professionals. 

The experience is valuable to your specific dancer's educational development.

Solos, Duets, and Trios are optional. 

They are set between May and August for the upcoming season. 

What Events Does the Company Participate In? 

In addition to being featured performers in the end of year April recital, members of the Open Air Dance Company will aim to: 

(* NBA and traveling performances subject to pandemic restrictions.) 

Open Air Dance Company Schedule:

Tentative outline for 2023-2024. (Subject to change)

All of our Company Dancers will attend a select number of weekend workshops in the Fall. 

Additional group rehearsals for Company will typically be Sundays in the range of 1pm-7:30pm. 

Our youngest Company members take one 75-minute class each week and our oldest are involved in 2-3.5 hours per week. 

Dancers will have a back-to-dance choreography week in early September. 

Rotating Professional Guest Faculty:

A highlight of the Company program is the Workshops with visiting Master Teachers. 

Our season 1 & 2 line-up of Master Teachers included:

Tuition & other fees: 

A Note About Miss Kerin's Teams: 

"This will be the third dance team I have created and established in my career. The first still going strong in California, and another was right here in Austin, Texas. I aim for my team programs to be forward thinking and harness the current trajectory of the dance world."

Joining the Company: 

Our application window has closed for the 2023 -2024 season. 


Please let us know YOUR questions about the OADC company program!

With excitement & gratitude, 

Miss Kerin & Mr Ryan