Aiming to re-invent the traditional dance education model.

OADC brings a non-competitive atmosphere for dancers to enjoy an empowering, inclusive, and uplifting class structure in Austin, Texas.

Our programs begin with a focus on proper alignment to strengthen technique. With a curriculum rooted in dance science, students work to achieve healthy and safe flexibility goals with body longevity in mind. Our classes and training are punctuated with positivity and joy. The OADC class schedule reflects a balanced approach to dance training.

Established in 2020, OADC has become the premier boutique studio experience in Central Austin.

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Dance is Art.

Dancers are visual artists, thinking outside the box. Pushing for creative expression, expanding their knowledge of dance history and learning how to tell their own story through dance.

Dance is a Sport.

Dancers are hard-working and disciplined athletes. Constantly challenging their balance, strength, and endurance as they grow in their technique.

Dance is Connection.

Dance class is a wonderful place to learn, and grow with your friends! Community connection is a powerful tool for happiness and healing. We all need movement, and we all need connection. A chance to stretch. A time to grow. A moment of zen.

Dance Is Performance!

In May of 2021, we held the first annual OADC Recital, outdoors, at Doc's Drive-In and in April of 2022, we held the second annual recital, "Adventures In Wonderland" at the Curtain Theatre.

For 2023, we are working on a dancing adaptation of The Wizard of Oz which we will perform in two parts.

On February 11th, OADC will present "Once Upon A Time In Kansas". The story of Dorothy before the tornado whisks her to Oz. This show is our inaugural Company Showcase featuring our Company members in group dances, solos, duets, and trios.

On April 1st and 2nd, the story continues with "The Land Of Oz". Our full studio spring show.

April 2022 - The Curtain Theatre - Second Annual OADC Recital - Adventures In Wonderland

May 2021 - Doc's Drive-In - First Annual OADC Recital